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Frequently asked questions
Q :  What is bronzing?
A :  The word bronzing refers to a process in which an item is encased in copper and then aged to give a bronze  finish.

Q :  How are shoes bronzed?
A :  Shoes are bronzed using a technique called non-metallic electro-plating. This means that almost any object
      that is not metal can be encased in metal.
      Using this method we transform your baby shoe into a beautiful bronze ornament.Your baby shoe is underneath the
      bronzing, preserved for an eternity.

Q  :  What happens to my shoe after it has been bronzed?
A  :   Your shoe is returned to you encased in bronze.

Q :  Can you bronze any type of shoe?
A :   British Baby Shoe Co. Pride ourselves on being able to bronze any type of baby shoe no matter how old the shoe is.

Q  :  What size is a baby shoe?
A  :  A baby shoe is up to 6 inches long. Should your shoe be larger than 6 inches please contact us.

Q  :  When ordering 2 shoes do they have to match?
A  :  Shoes ordered do not have to be a matching pair.

Q :  Can you bronze anything other than baby shoes?
A :   We can bronze almost any object. Should you wish for a quote on any item e-mail us at
      outlining what it is you want bronzed along with it’s approximate size and we will get back to you at your e-mail address.

Q :  Are all bronzing procedures the same?
A :  Some procedures paint the shoe with a bronze coloured paint or dip the shoe in a bronze resin to make the shoe
      appear  as a bronze.
      A genuine bronzed shoe that will last an eternity will be encased in metal using the electro-plating process that is
      used by British Baby Shoe Bronzing Co.

Q :  How will I send my shoe or dummy to you?
A :  If paying by debit or credit card pack the shoe or dummy and a copy of the order confirmation you will receive in an e-mail
       from our secure payment server into a strong envelope or box. The order confirmation has the details we need to process
      your order
      If you are paying by cheque or postal order pack the shoe or dummy and a print out of the order form from this site along with
      the cheque or postal order into a strong envelope or box.
      Secure with tape if needed and address it to :
                           British Baby Shoe Bronzing Co.
                           The Bronzing Grange
                           47 Carr Hill Road
                           Tyne & Wear
                           NE9 5LQ
       Take it to the post office and send.
Q :  I do not live in the United kingdom, do you offer the bronzing service to other countries?
A :  We bronze shoes from all over the world. The only difference being that postage may be a little more expensive. Email us at explaining what you want bronzed and your location and we will email you back with the
      postage cost.

Q :  How do I pay and is your site secure?
A :  You can pay with debit or credit card by using our secure payments server which is PayPal or pay with cheque or
       postal order which you send to us with your shoes or dummy.

Q :  How long will I wait before I receive my finished order?
A :  We should receive your package within a day or two of you posting it and will e-mail you confirming receipt.
      We immediately start the bronzing process which takes up to 8 weeks to complete but we try to complete in 3 weeks!
      Should you wish to have your order returned sooner we do have a fast-track service, Email us with your request at and we will give details.
      Your bronzed shoe is then posted back to you at the address stated on your order.
Q :  Can I have my child’s name and date of birth on the shoe?
 A :  Your child’s name and date of birth will be placed on the shoe if you fill in the details included in the ordering process.
       Click on this link to see example of name & d.o.b.

Q :  What if I send more than one shoe and I want different details on each shoe?
A :  If you send more than one shoe then place a piece of paper securely inside of each shoe with the required name and
       date of birth clearly written in ink.

Q  :  What size are the photo frames?
A  :  The frame for the portrait stands is for a 6 inch x 4 inch photo: Inside size is 5.5 inch x 3.5 inch.

Q :  How do I care for my bronzed baby shoe or dummy?
A :  Wipe occasionally with a soft dry cloth. Do not use a metal polish or solvent cleaner as this will remove the protective  
       lacquer which will result in the shoe or dummy becoming tarnished.

Q :  Can I purchase a gift certificate?
A :  Gift certificated are a popular choice for our customers who wish to give a cherished gift to a family member or friend.
       Click on gift certificates for details.  

Q :  What is your guarantee?
A :  All our work carries a no questions guarantee !  We will re-bronze any shoe that does not meet the standards that our
      esteemed reputation demands.