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Privacy and Security Policy
British Baby Shoe Bronzing Co. will not share any information you provide to us.

We do not set any cookies on your computer, nor do we partner any ad server companies that do.

With respect to on line security such as credit card details, visitors to this site are re-directed to a secure
server, which in our web site it is paypal.

We have appropriate in house security measures to protect against loss or misuse of information that we
have attained from you.

Whilst your order is being processed we have a rigorous and efficient way of tracking and monitoring your
order. However we have no control over your order whilst in transit. We recommend you obtain a certificate of
posting which costs no extra from the post office when posting your order. This entitles you to compensation
should your order go missing (lost in post). Alternatively you can opt for recorded delivery or registered mail
which incur an additional cost. The post office counter staff will be able to advise you on the alternatives.

British Baby Shoe Bronzing Co. policy is honesty and fairness in all our business practices, if you believe we
are not fulfilling our obligations please contact and inform us of your grievances.