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2 Silver shoes on wooden base

Gift Certificate

£ 225.95

Silver dummy

Gift certificate

£ 85.00

Silver shoe on wooden base

Gift certificate

£ 119.05

2 Silver shoes on portrait stand

Gift certificate

£ 234.95

Silver shoe un-mounted

Gift Certificate

£ 104.95

2 Silver shoes un-mounted

Gift certificate

£ 209.90

Silver shoe on portrait stand

Gift certificate

£ 129.05

2 Silver shoes on wooden bookends

Gift certificate

£ 259.90

What a wonderful surprise it would be for someone to receive a
baby shoe silvering gift certificate. A gift that is as personal as
anyone can give. Something that will last for an eternity for all to
If you know someone that has recently had a baby or is expecting
that special day soon, maybe someone that has kept their baby’s
shoe but doesn’t know what to do with it, well what better way to keep
that treasured memory of their child’s first steps than a silvered baby
shoe that can be displayed in a position of prominence in the  home.
On receipt of your order the gift certificate package will be mailed to you.
A personal message can then be added before you give this unique gift to
a grateful and soon to be proud owner of a bronzed baby shoe.
Our gift certificate package contains :
•An attractive  gift certificate of your chosen product  on quality parchment paper.
•Leaflet on how to send baby shoe or dummy & add  personalised details.
•A brief explanation as to what silvering is.
•A pre addressed envelope for posting the shoe or dummy to :
British Baby Shoe Bronzing Co.
• Choose the product & style to view
• Hover over product  with curser & left click
• You will be linked to the order gift certificate page

“The most thoughtful of gifts that you can give a friend or relative”

Silver Gift Certificates

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Silver shoe on wooden bookend

Gift certificate

£ 129.95

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